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What are Apple, Google & Facebook doing in Mobile?

Posted on August 24th, by Emily Rogers (Freeman) in Blog. No Comments

The big guns have been busy lately, launching new products, creating relationships and burning bridges.  Check out the articles below to find out why Google won’t let Apple have youTube anymore, what Facebook is doing with Mobile Ads and how Google is rolling out their mobile payments capability.


Apple devices like the iPhone & iPad will no longer come with a YouTube player installed.  Apparently Google (who own YouTube) have not extended Apple’s licence to pre-install YouTube.   This appears to be a competitive move, as Google operate the Android operating system in competition with Apple. According to Apple,  YouTube will still be available within the device browser, and Google are apparently working on a downloadable app.


Facebook is trialling a new Mobile Ad Service that allows application developers to link customers directly to the Apple and Google Play app stores to download apps.  The service is being tested with a limited number of partners, according to Facebook.


Google have been busily building out capability and partnerships for their Google Wallet app, recently releasing a new, cloud-based version of the app that supports all credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  Note that these partnerships are in the US, not for Australia yet.

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