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NFC is coming to Australia

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20th August

Have you been wondering about NFC lately? We get a lot of questions from clients asking when NFC will really take off in Australia. We all know it’s coming and it’s going to be big, but when will we need to start incorporating NFC planning into our product, promotion & marketing plans?

Why The Digital Wallet Wars Matter

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11th August

Forrester has released a new report which predicts that non NFC mobile wallets will see faster adoption in the short term. Although the report confirms industry expectations that as early as next year, most new smartphones will be NFC enabled, they also predict that unattended points of sale (like vending machines and public transport) will offer greater opportunities for NFC in the short term.

Reactive White Paper on mCommerce

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8th June

I love the title of Reactive’s new White Paper. It’s called mCommerce 2012: The Year After the Year of Mobile . The document is a brief, concise overview of mCommerce in Australia, touching on Google Wallet, mPayments, NFC and new service Square which is dominating mCommerce trend talk in the US at the moment.