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Australian Smartphone Usage On The Rise

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22nd May

We’ve heard a lot from Google in the Australian media over the last few weeks, as a result of the global research they’ve carried out with IPSOS in Q1 called Our Mobile Planet. With a base of only 1000 respondents, the broader population findings are a little shaky, but the usage & behavioural analysis is probably representative of the Australian smartphone-using population.

Have You Seen The Future?

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Have You Seen The Future?

18th May

Have you seen Google’s Project Glass video? It’s a very early stage concept video, so there’s no word on when we might be living in a world where weirdos walk around talking to themselves while wearing geeky glasses. But it may be in our not too distant future!

Does Your Company Need a Mobile Champion?

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2nd May

Last week, Google launched an interactive, rich-media document called “Mobile Playbook – The Busy Executive’s Guide to Winning with Mobile”.   Practicing a bit of what they preach, Google recommend reading the document on your tablet, but it’s accessible online, or via a PDF.

Google’s Top 12 Predictions for Mobile in 2012

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27th February

Google’s head of Global Mobile, Jason Spero, has published his top 12 predictions for major developments in mobile in 2012.
Jason writes “Consumers are having a love affair with their smartphones. They have become the first thing we reach for in the morning and the last thing we put down at night.”