Targeting the New Screens in Our Lives


Snakk is a young and innovate mobile business. We have heaps of people applying to work at Snakk each week and if you secure a role with our company it means that we think you’re one of the most talented individuals in our industry today.

Snakk is a different employer. We mean that. We want each and every person who commences at Snakk to be 100% free to be themself. At Snakk we give our staff more flexibility than any other companies going around. We literally put no limitations on the way you work. But that means we expect you to do your  best work at all times.

At Snakk we believe Life is about people; people living, doing, aspiring, becoming, creating, accomplishing, fulfilling and transcending. At Snakk will do whatever we can to create an environment that helps our people achieve those things and choose passion and fulfillment over money and ‘success’ alone. For all of our people, we have forward-thinking policies and practices around maximizing the following key areas of life:

  1. Health, energy, nutrition
  2. Learning, education and growth
  3. Personal purpose, values and principals
  4. Economics, compensation and equity
  5. Arts, culture and design
  6. Family, friends and relationships

We are always looking for new talent in Sales, Publisher Relations, Ad ops, Management, Mobile Development, Project Management and more. So if your looking for a full time, part time or contract roll send your resume to