Targeting the New Screens in Our Lives

Snakk Values

Values are what we value more than anything.

  1. We believe in people achieving their highest purpose and good; becoming not being – growing, and learning how to be the best you you can be
  2. We believe in excellence – not mediocrity – and impact over effort
  3. We believe in communication – honesty, brevity, respect and composure
  4. We believe in pursuing the unreasonable over the purely sensible
  5. We believe in boldness and courage over timidity and fear
  6. We believe in trusting judgment – using initiative and common sense
  7. We believe in freedom and responsibility over processes and check boxes
  8. We believe in selflessness and a purpose that transcends each of us as individuals, and all of us as a team
  9. We believe in methodology and measurement – using data to achieve optimal result
  10. We believe in the generative power of innervation through technology and it’s ability to change our world for the greater good.