An exclusive multi-screen product from Snakk Media

TV Sync HOME AUDIENCE is the latest edition of our exclusive multi-screen product from Snakk that matches your mobile campaigns with TV commercials & programs while audiences are at home. Rich mobile ads are then targeted to relevant audiences in real-time synchronisation with what’s on TV. We call these real-time moments of sync.

By leveraging Snakk's market leading location data audience capabilities, we can ensure your TV sync campaigns deliver to targeted at home TV audiences, increasing the efficiency of your media buys. 

The benefit of Snakk's TV Sync product is that it’s a server side solution and requires no action from TV watchers. As a result TV Sync integrates naturally into existing viewer behaviour across multiple screens. The technology is invisible to viewers, giving it powerful reach over other solutions in the market today. 

The Opportunity

According to Nielsen, 80% of Australian smartphone and tablet owners use their devices while watching TV. 43% of this simultaneous use is to ‘fill time during ad breaks’.  This presents a huge opportunity for brands to strengthen their TV campaigns by linking them with mobile usage.  With TV Sync, brands can:

  • AMPLIFY the effectiveness of TV campaigns by harnessing viewer attention from other screens
  • DEFEND TV investment against diluted attention from multi-screening
  • CONQUEST competitors' TVC’s
  • MATCH mobile ads with TV programs and content that have compatible target audience profiles. E.g. Sync ads targeted to fashion lovers while they are watching fashion related TV content