Technology is always evolving, but values persist.

In the fast-paced world of mobile there are countless moving parts. While technology is the engine that drives us forward, it is our values that light the way and give us direction. No matter what changes in this space, values persist.



Agencies are their custodians, marketers aspire to achieve them and brands live and die by them. Snakk is first and foremost committed to outcomes. From the lofty heights of market aspirations to the granular details of campaign metrics and attribution; outcomes are your air, without them you perish. We work with you to get to the heart of the strategy. Only from a deep understanding of your goals can we deliver the right outcomes.


Winning in advertising is about staying ahead of the competition. Innovation is your water, you will not last days in this landscape without it. To gain a competitive edge, you need to be smart and challenge the status quo. Snakk's quest for innovation borders on obsession, from the world leading technology that powers our ad campaigns to the engaging data-driven creative that interfaces with your audience.


Snakk is built on a foundation of service. Service is your sustenance; you can only survive so long on air and water alone. Snakk's service culture is built around the best practice philosophy of 'mobile first'. We want you to thrive in this rapidly evolving smart screen world. On top of sustainable and scalable results, Snakk can deliver additional services such as research, creative & development, innovation and mobile strategy to ensure you run campaigns that exceed industry best practice.