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Why don’t Advertisers Spend More on Mobile?

Posted on May 2nd, by Emily Rogers (Freeman) in Article Share, Blog, Featured, Newsletter. No Comments

Tan Tmangraksat from Velti has written an interesting article for Mobile Commerce Daily, called 3 Things That Need to Happen for Mobile Ad Spending to Increase.

According to Tan, those 3 things are:

1. Uniform Standards

2. Publishers Need to Think Like Advertisers

3. Think Beyond The Display Banner.

In short, Tan believes that Advertisers need to see killer analytics and highly relevant & consistent targeting across publishing platforms, before they decide to put serious long term investment into Mobile.  From the Agency perspective, Tan suggests that Advertisers need to be shown how to take mobile engagement to the next level, and truly maximise the opportunity presented by real-time user context  - to the extent that advertising is welcomed!

Tan’s views are not dissimilar to ours at Snakk and probably reflect some of the gaps that we also have in the Australian mobile marketplace.  Because of these gaps, we’ve made premium targeting & rich media creative opportunities our priority.

Check out Tan’s article and let us know what you think.


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