Targeting the New Screens in Our Lives

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10th April

The Objective:

Generate awareness of Contiki 2012 Tours among the target demographic, and drive take-up of the $100 discount offer via high impact mobile media placements in contextually relevant environments.

The Challenge:

To package in a free mobile optimised site as part of a low budget media buy. The site needed to encourage customers to sign up to recive a tour brochure and a $100 discount voucher to redeem when booking a Contiki holiday.

The Execution:

Mobile Banners skewed to Ppl 21-25 in  apps and msites (Travel, Social, Fashion, Entertainment, News & Sport), were optimised to drive customers to the custom mobile site for registration. Upon completed registration, users were automatically served a Contiki teaser video and sent the voucher and link to download the brochure.


Exceeded Impression, Click , & CTR targets
Exceeded targeted unique audience goal
Exceeded Unique Site Visits conversions
Achieved above benchmark voucher registrations
63% of video views completed post … Read More »