Targeting the New Screens in Our Lives anyone?

Posted on June 15th, by Emily Rogers (Freeman) in Blog. 1 Comment

Did you hear that ICANN are set to release a whole bunch of new Top Level Domains?

And what does that even mean??

Basically there’s an organisation called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and they  oversee the suffixes which are added to the end of  website URL.  Like .com and .org.  These are called Top Level Domains or TLDs.

Until recently there were a limited number of TLDs but now ICANN, in their infinite wisdom,  have decided to open the floodgates.  Organisations can apply to manage the TLD of their choice and there’s plenty of controversy around who gets approved to manage what.  For a plain English overview of what’s going on, check out this article on Gigaom