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Optus Christmas

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The Objective:

Drive brand awareness of the Optus Holiday specials to the target audience by leveraging the convenience, user experience, and targeting capabilities of the Snakk mobile network.

The Challenge:

Create an advanced rich media execution and engaging HTML 5 animated mSite experience allowing consumers to view the Optus Christmas product range and directly locate their nearest store.

The Execution:

Expose the target audience to the brand across a wide breadth of sites throughout the day, increasing brand awareness at contextually relevant moments.

Animated Banners to Rich Media
Placements: Premium Contextual environments CPM
Flash-like banners expanded directly over the user’s content on initiation to reveal an animated product carousel and store location tool, driving customers in-store or to the weekly deals content.

Rich banners to Mobile site 
Targeted mobile banners drove consumers to an HTML5 animated mobile site to discover the M selections product range and directly locate their nearest store for purchase. Users looking for instant purchase assistance were able to click-to-call the Optus call centre, view terms and conditions specific to each product and click directly to the Optus site for purchase.

[sws_2_column title="" rightmargin="Outcomes "] Outcomes

  • Exceeded impression, click , & CTR targets
  • Exceeded targeted unique audience goal
  • High engagement with Optus product pages
  • High engagement rate with Optus Rich Media
  • Exceeded Store Location Targets
  • Click to Call Targets Exceeded
  • CTR Bench Mark Exceeded


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