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The Obligatory iOS 6 Post

Posted on June 14th, by Emily Rogers (Freeman) in Blog, Newsletter. 2 comments

iOS 6.  It’s been the big news in mobile circles this week, although ultimately the news is not particularly world changing.   Here’s a quick Q&A to cover off the basics, in case you were wanting to appear well-informed next time you run into an Apple geek


Q. What happened?

A. Apple announced the upcoming release of the next version of their mobile operating system, iOS 6.

Q. So umm. What’s an iOS?

It used to be called iPhone OS but then Apple expanded it to support Apple’s other devices like iPads and Apple TVs.  Basically it is the software that runs the device.

A. Why should I care?

It’s interesting to you if you have an Apple device.  Even if you don’t have the latest iPhone or iPad, you can still download the new version of the OS and install it on your current device.   You may not get all the features, but will still get many improvements and new features.

Q. What are the new features?

A. Here’s a list of the basics:

- No more Google Maps integration. Apple have created their own mapping & navigation platform (powered by Tom-Tom)

- New capability for Siri, Apple’s voice control service.  Also Siri will now be available on the latest iPad.

- Closer integration with Facebook. You’ll be able to share your favourite apps, add birthdays to Calendars and post Status updates directly, among other things.

- Face Time (video calls) can now be made over a 3G network, rather than having to be on a WiFi network.

- Cool phone features like a new Do Not Disturb option which lets you block calls based on your calendar, or reject calls with a text.

- Something called Passbook which will integrate all your scannables like movie tickets, loyalty cards and boarding passes into a simple to organise app interface.

- A few other things to do with organising and sharing photos, mail and a Lost feature that helps you recover your phone if you lose it.  More details here 

Q. What else did Apple announce?

A. What – you want more??  OK, this article has it covered!

Q. OK. I think I’ve got it.  But can you tell me what Apple DIDN’T announce?

A. Of course.  Here you go!

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