Los Angeles

For those bored with the same old, tired and lame content you get on the mobile web. Snakk is the mobile media "zeitgeist" of celeb, youth, entertainment and tech culture, made up of the voices of over 100 of the most influential and underground tastemakers today delivered to your very own phone.

The Snakk Collective was born to become a series of made-for-mobile-titles, mobilising the pulse of the street and the blogosphere in real time, in the palm of your hand.

The first out the gates being 310.TV which will pump thru dozens of fresh posts every hour at a frequency like no other place on the mobile web.

For Brands

Snakk is much more than a media outlet, through our true collaboration and partnership with the street's tastemakers and coolhunters Snakk is your first and only "guerilla mobile media" option.

For Brand Marketers

It is so much more than impressions, content and eyeballs—Snakk Media represents "access" and brand integration / association opportunities you simply won't find anywhere else.

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