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Australia To Get New Google Tablet – Nexus 7

Posted on June 28th, by Emily Rogers (Freeman) in Article Share, Blog, Featured. No Comments

Google has announced their new tablet, called the Nexus 7.

The Nexus 7 will be a smaller tablet that Apple’s iPad, and many commentators are actually calling it a competitor to the Kindle Fire, which is Amazon’s tablet device.  The interesting thing about the Kindle Fire (which is not yet available in Australia) is that it offers somewhat less functionality than the iPad – but for a fraction of the price.  The device retails in the US at around $199, which is the price point at which Google is now launching the Nexus 7.

Delimiter published a localised review of the Kindle Fire late last year, followed up with an analysis and prediction of why the Kindle Fire will storm the Australian market in 2012 which are good backgrounders if you’re interested in understanding the fuss from an Australian perspective.

So the new Nexus 7 is going to be the same size (nearly half that of an iPad), the same price and will offer a similarly reduced set of features as the Kindle Fire.  And it will be available in Australia soon!

You can pre-order the Nexus 7 in Australia now from the Google Play store  – Google Play is the new name for the Android Market (kind of like the App Store but for devices that run Google’s operating system, Android).   The Nexus 7 will retail for $249  which is around $50 more than in the US.  It comes with 8GB of storage and a $25 Google Play voucher to buy apps & content.  The next level up is a 16GB version for $299.  Shipping will begin mid-July.

Check out this review of the Nexus 7 from Android Central

This story in The Australian today has more information about the Nexus 7 and what else Google announced this week at their I/O developer conference


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