Snakk Media is the market leader in providing full spectrum mobile media solutions for premium brand advertiers. Snakk power the campaigns of the worlds largest media agencies & mobile specialist through our portofolo of world leading technologies. 

Smart Screens are reshaping our media landscape.

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According to Cisco the number of mobile-connected devices now exceeds the world’s population and by 2018 96% of mobile data traffic will originate from smart devices. The media landscape is now dominated by smart screens.

It used to be helpful to simplify media campaigns by thinking in terms of silos. Brand vs Performance. Location vs Context. Mobile vs Desktop. These days, campaign execution needs to be dynamic and integrated to deliver maximum value.  

Smart Product & Platform Solutions

Snakk Media's innovative portfolio is designed to be both flexible and dynamic. Our technologies offer premium brands a unique mix of foundational & smart mobile products that can be combined in different ways. We support you in building your own custom solutions to achieve your desired campaign goals.  

  • Target your own custom behavioural audiences
  • Optimise & re-target audiences based on advanced place and geo data
  • Entertain, inform and convert video viewers with seamless video formats.
  • Engage and amplify interest using real time social signals.  
  • Match, re-market and attribute audiences across different screens and different channels.
  • Entice, delight and surprise customers with rich, data-driven creative that holds attention and delivers results.

Solutions Aligned with Outcomes

Whether your goal is to drive sign-ups, convert sales or build awareness, our smart screen capabilities will engage your customers.  Snakk Media will equip you with smartphone, tablet and cross-screen media solutions specifically designed to:

Snakk Cross Channel.png
  • Capture and amplify attention  
  • Attribute and convert outcomes
  • Retain and re-market audiences

Snakk will also help you leverage the unique nature of the mobile devices to unify audiences across different screens and media channels. Snakk’s innovative technology delivers cross screen opportunities and optimises your campaign for the most powerful results.

Smart Support Services

In addition to our smart media solutions and technologies, Snakk can support advertisers to run campaigns that exceed industry best practice. Additional services include:

  • Market research & insights  
  • Market first innovation
  • Creative development support
  • Mobile strategy & best practice guidance